I created this website because I am studying for my CCNP Enterprise Certification (350-401 ENCOR & 300-410 ENARSI). When I initially got started, I had to spend a lot of time trying to track down the different resources to make this journey slightly easier. I had numerous conversations with other people on the same journey, and they all agreed with me. Resources are all over the place, with no decent websites (that I found) devoted to helping people get started, listing resources, providing some tips, etc.

What kind of resources? Well, what do you use for labs? Hardware or network simulators like Eve-ng or GNS3? Where do you get the IOS images for those emulators? Do you need a server? Linux or Windows? Do you need to learn Python and if so, how do you get started? Can you run things in VMWare Workstation Pro or ESXI?

What online video courses exist? Are they free or paid? How about books? Are their white papers you can use, where are they? Any communities you can join? Practice exams? What about the rest of the information, any good websites worth visiting without wasting hours on google?

There are dozens of questions you can ask, and for anybody who has looked at CCNP, you know this is very hard, difficult content, with a lot of different facets to cover, so it is easy to be overwhelmed. Unlike the CCNA, there just isn’t a lot of resources available to help people get started.

The result is me creating this website with a focus on making it as simple, quick and easy to navigate as possible, with two goals in mind:

  1. Help new people get started studying faster and waste less time.
  2. Provide a resource that can be bookmarked and referenced in the future.

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