Getting Started

In order to keep things from getting too overwhelming, I have broken the “Getting Started” section down into several parts, that will cover everything you need to pass your CCNP Enterprise Exams.

Please note, this site is geared towards CCNP Enterprise 350-401 ENCOR and 300-410 ENARSI exam tracks.

Part 1: Exams
Quick information on what exams to take, where to take them and the cost.

Part 2: Overview
A basic overview of information that may help you learn the material and pass the CCNP exams.

Part 3: Online Courses
Available Online Courses that can help you learn the required material.

Part 4: Books
Available books for the CCNP.

Part 5: Labs
Doing Labs to learn the concepts is a must, here is how to get started.

Part 6: Social Media
Useful people, join online communities, chat groups or forums that may help you learn material or get answers to questions.