Part 6: Social Media

Here are recommended Social Media Channels/People to follow, if you think I should add some info, let me know. I am only interested in ACTIVE people or channels.

Reddit has a lot of garbage, but the following are excellent. /ccna & /ccnp groups are excellent.

  1. /ccnp
  2. /ccna
  3. /cisco
  4. /networking
  5. /sysadmin
  6. /ITCareerQuestions


  1. David Bombal’s YouTube Channel has a LOT of excellent information and a full blown CCNP ENCOR Course available on it. Plus, the guy is a standup guy.


  1. David Bombal
  2. Cisco Net Academy
  3. Learning At Cisco
  4. Cisco Support
  5. Cisco Networking

Discord Chat Channels:

  1. David Bombal Chat
  2. Cisco Study Group
  3. Jeremy’s IT Lab